Becoming an event planner can be a great career choice for an entrepreneur with excellent organizational skills. Weddings, corporate events, and other private parties are all within a good planner’s range of motion, where the responsibility for a flawless “big day” create an opportunity for “big money.” Planners generally do not need to keep inventory, and may easily work independently from home. Packages to be offered range from hourly consulting services, to full service weddings. There are different ways to structure a planning business depending on the skills and offerings of the planner. Depending on the size of events, a planner may wish to hire an assistant.

The tables below depict the common issues and costs associated with an event planning business.

Political Labor laws – ensuring that staff (if any) is eligible to work in the US.
Economic Disposable income to pay for “the big wedding”
Business market growth such that there is demand for events; shrinking markets indicate shrinking demand
Social Marriage trends
The appearance of hosting corporate events
Technological Record keeping – software and hardware
Handling money and processing payments
Advertising online and using social media
Environmental No major environmental concerns
Legal Providing planning services for different types of weddings or religious services
Liabilities, including from subcontractors
Major Activities Associated Costs Cost Driver
Planning and coordinating the event the value of your time number of hours
Managing subcontractors the value of your time; value of contractor time number of hours
Catering/food prep (subcontractor), if applicable price of foods selected; prep time number of guests


Projected Expenses
Employee Costs including benefits Year One Cost per month
Owner $          3,500
Book Keeper – Outsourced $              800
Legal – Outsourced $              800
Wages Subtotal $          5,100
Taxes, Fees $              765
Subtotal $          5,865
Facility Expense (deductible part of home) $              250
Electric $                25
Internet/Telephone $              100
Office supplies $                25
Computers/Hardware $              250
Subtotal $         650
Marketing Costs
Web site hosting and advertising $              200
Web site updates $              100
Business Cards, Pens, Swag $                50
Subtotal $              350
Liability Insurance $                50
Subtotal $                50
Projected Monthly Costs $          6,915