The web design business has some of the lowest monthly costs of possible business choices for an entrepreneur, especially since the business can be conducted from home. An individual who already possesses computer coding skills is already on the right track to work as an independent developer, without need for additional employees. Many web developers starting out on their own will both design and code the website, though these are often treated as separate, specialized skills. A developer may prefer to delegate the coding or design specializations, depending on skill level and business strategy. While deep coding skills may be desirable, there are several packages and platforms that simplify the website creation process such that coding and design skills are minimized or eliminated. A motivated entrepreneur can successfully implement this business with enough time devoted to learning or applying web development skills, with the primary cost being the value of the time consumed.

The tables below depict the common issues and costs associated with a web developer business.

Political No major political concerns noted
Economic Small business growth indicates demand for websites; a shrinking market might indicate shrinking demand
Demand for website development versus substitutes (social media)
Social Trends affecting web design – style
Technological Coding; best practices using different types of code
Servers (if applicable), maintenance
Use of pre-existing templates on hosted platforms
Handling money and processing payments
Advertising online and using social media
Environmental No environmental concerns noted
Legal Copyright issues when using different types of content
Critical Success Factors Ability to implement websites on multiple platforms
Major Activities Associated Costs Cost Driver
Coding websites The value of your time Number of hours to meet requirements
Designing websites The value of your time Number of hours to meet requirements
Optimizing websites for multiple platforms or browsers The value of your time Number of hours to meet requirements


Projected Expenses
Employee Costs including benefits Year One Cost per month
Owner $          3,500
Book Keeper – Outsourced $              800
Legal – Outsourced $              800
Tech Support – Outsourced $              400
Wages Subtotal $          5,500
Taxes, Fees $              825
Subtotal $          6,325
Facility Expense (deductible part of home) $              250
Electric $                25
Internet/Telephone $              100
Office supplies $                25
Computers/Hardware $              250
Subtotal $          650
Marketing Costs
Web site hosting and advertising $              200
Business Cards, Pens, Swag $                50
Subtotal $              250
Total $          7,225